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Periodic Fixed Installation Testing. This involves the testing of electrical circuits and systems that distribute electricity around a building. It covers all hard wiring in a building, whether it is a commercial, industrial or residential premises. All electrical circuits in a building that are fixed, such as lighting, electrical socket outlets, air conditioning and other fixed plant require regular inspection.

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) More commonly known as PAT Testing, it involves the systematic checking of any equipment which has an electric plug. This testing involves visual checks, and combined inspection and testing using a PAT testing meter.

At least twice as many people die from fatal injuries at work than are victims of unlawful killing, and non-fatal injuries in the workplace requiring hospitalisation were also
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FTP Electrical Services understands the importance of good customer service, and we have an enthusiastic team available to quickly and effectively reply to your PAT testing requirements, whether it be commercial or domestic. Our customer service staff can help identify your needs and assist you in contacting one of our fully-qualified engineers.

FTP Electrical also recognises that every business is unique, and therefore, so are its requirements. Legislation can be confusing and unclear at the best of times, and assumption, along with poor advice, can very often lead to an expensive testing programme that achieves very little in terms of compliance and safety.

FTP Electrical has PAT testing experts within our organisation who can provide clear and concise guidance on what you need to do to ensure compliance and safety for your business. Our focus is on customer service, impartial advice and quality of delivery. We provide our customers with peace of mind in knowing that we take care of legislative and compliance issues, leaving you to focus on your business. This same principal also applies to our domestic customers, whatever their needs.

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